Who, What, Where and Why the Hell Not

My name is TJ Sizemore with every intent to fill the internet with as much helpful information as I can.  If I can save one soul,

Sorry, I couldn’t make it through without throwing up a little in my mouth.  Thank God I just ate some Peanut Butter.

This is just what I think about things.  I do like football but hate how much professional sports players get paid.  It has always been part of our society to reward those who are strong than those whom are smart.  I am neither so I never expected anything anyways.  Which is why I have a blog that no one reads.

I know I left out “how”, but I wanted to leave on a dramatic statement and by saying “Why the Hell Not and How” just didn’t seem to flow as well.  “How” is never important anyways unless someone pays you to tell them How.  That is how we all make our money.  So it is no different here.

Enjoy my site and for God’s Sake don’t forget to close the door when you leave.


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