Study Shows that Studies may Decrease Likeliness

27 09 2011

A new study was released last week in my mind that states that Studies conducted for research purposes actually decrease the likeliness of making sense.  That’s right.  Women are more prone to this decrease as they tend to read studies that are posted on popular blogs like MSNBC or Yahoo!.

Studies are conducted to show correlation to two objects that would usually not have been correlated together had it not been for studies conducted, research shows.  MBA Graduate TJ Sizemore has proven through no proper experimental manner that studies can reflect the absence of productive behavior.

“Studies can reflect the absence of productive behavior”, Sizemore comments to himself.

However, this research did show that the actual correlation between Studies conducted and Likeliness of making sense does not apply to people actually reading a study.

“People may read a study or not.  This is not a tree in the forest scenario”, Sizemore continues in his rant.

Fortunately there is an alternative to Studies.  Research shows that people who read literature – fiction or non-fiction – are more prone to worldly goods (attractive people, money, luxurious items) and people who read just Studies conducted are more prone to loneliness and depressive mannerisms that is not socially acceptable.

This study was conducted on a Spur of the Moment reaction to the world we live in, September 27, 2011.

TJ Sizemore, MBA


Kindle Now in Paperback

8 08 2010

Most times a company will start off with a product and then release a next generation version that proves to be an upgrade from the previous.  Not in the publishing industry.  Usually the publisher comes out with a title in hardback at a price that is more expensive than its later release counterpart…the paperback.  Kindle is following in these footsteps with its new release of the WiFi version.  There is not a lot difference in them except for the price (WiFi is $50 less than its 3G

predecessor).  Some other differences are battery life, weight (though not by much) and Global Wireless Capability.  Check out the full comparison.  While it makes sense to capture as many sales in the beginning for a new book release that will lose interest once everyone has read it, I do question Amazon’s tactic here.  There are benefits to this device that to some may fit their lifestyle better, but overall the item released is a step back, not forward.  My wife is an avid Kindle fan and loves everything about her Kindle.  However, she did not run out to buy this new version (in all fairness she also did not run out to buy the heavier, bigger more expensive one either).

What makes Apple so successful is their ability to stay ahead of the market with their new innovative products.  Amazon has an advantage of market share with the Kindle but can lose this advantage if they continue to make more Kindles the way they are.  We live in a world where electronics have a two to three-year life span.  I have had my flat screen plasma tv for three years now and am itching to get a newer, prettier one.  This is how we are wired.  Apple has come out with a prettier version of the Kindle.  While there are many things the iPad needs to fix in order to become a legit competitor, at the rate Amazon is going it won’t take long for Apple to catch up.  It’s due time Amazon comes out with a product that will capture their existing customers AND bring in new ones, not just try to capture new ones.  Don’t be fooled by the “Currently Sold Out” displayed on both products.  This is a marketing ploy to get interested customers to feel that there must be something interesting about this product if they are sold out.  Companies always under develop quantities with this intent of promotion.

I’m not saying that Kindle is in trouble or they have a bad product.  Just the opposite.  I believe this is a superior product to other e-readers and should remain as so.  However, we have seen too many superior devices lose in the battle of market share because of its inability to maintain their customer’s attention.  The next Kindle should be a line building, jealousy making, hype induced product that keeps Amazon in front and not on the paperback shelf.

Conan Back On Top.

17 04 2010


11 04 2010

It seems that TV viewing is finding it’s way into our homes.  With the success of Avatar and other 3-d movies Hollywood has produced, we are finding that people want that privilege in their very own home.  Samsung is releasing their new in-home 3-d experience which they have released this commercial for:

In a Business Week article Sir Howard Stringer, Sony’s CEO and chairman, stated the they will “particular focus on 3D”.  Using this kind of judgement shows that there is a demand for such a product.  With Sony sitting on more 3D assets than any other company, it may happen sooner than you think.  However, this will not be cheap and will take some patience for shareholders and customers.  The first line of products will not be the most user friendly (sorry Samsung).

Panasonic is also in the running with their development of 3D.  They were the first to enter into the US Market.  While they struggled with lack of programming and necessity of glasses, they saw a demand for it and with the release of Avatar and the announcement of the FIFA broadcasting games in 3D they sold out of 3D TVs in their first week.  This kind of optimism is what is driving the future of such technology today.  We can be sure that this will be a competitive product in the next three to five years.

We have said for years that when our kids grow up they will have standard items in their homes that we would consider a luxury today.  This is it.  I am sure that we have found a way to increase our in-home entertainment values.   I am not sure that it will be an instant success like that of the iPad.  There is still too much to consider: cost, comfort and convenience.  I do believe the kinks will get worked out as this is something that should have been started long ago because it gets to a point when TV shows start repeating themselves.  So now we watch a show with the same plot of NYPD Blue but in 3D…twist.  It will be a welcoming struggle to get it just right so that we can all be three-d’d.

Tigers Time To Lose

10 04 2010

Tiger Woods is in a unique position.  Not all athletes can say they are better off losing, but this is where Tiger is.  We are components of a marketing scheme that is required in order for Tiger to build his image back up.  This image is one that requires not just Tiger fans support, but golfing fans support.  Tiger’s fans will be Tiger’s fans regardless if he wins or lose.  Golf fans will more likely be Tiger fans if Tiger loses with great effort.

He could win it all and we all know that.  That’s not the point.  This should play into the human effect of Tiger which requires him not to dominate the sport.  This is a branding issue.  This is not a talent issue.  People will be watching the Masters and other golf matches to see how Tiger rebounds, not how he plays.  He needs to maximize his efforts to help “save” the Tour.  It is in the PGA’s Tour interest if Tiger falls to 6th Place.  There is no certain ranking he must acquire.  He just shouldn’t be in the top three.

So losing will build Tigers image which is a long term goal which Tiger should be focused on fixing, not more trophies on the shelf.  This will ensure Tigers commitment to the sport and to bettering his life.  Whether he likes it or not, the two have been intertwined.  We are no longer curious if Tiger will be a great golfer because we already know that.  We are wondering if he can be a better father, husband and role model.  This promotion of human quality will be a reflection of his legacy to the sport.  He will go down as one of the greatest golfers to play the game.  Now it is Tiger’s time to write the history books on how he overcame his weaknesses to continue his dominance.  That starts with a loss.