Chapter Five

5 11 2010

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“Can you give me a second?”

“I’ve been here for almost two hours…”
She put her finger in the air to signify she was done talking and needed just one more second.  He grabbed his wallet and sat back down in the chair.  He began to wonder why this doctor had a eight month waiting list.  Up to this point no one has helped him or made him feel like a person, just a patient.  He walked over to his chair and just before he sat down,

“Stephen.”  The nurse yelled through the opened glass.  He could have sworn he saw a slight smile on the side of her mouth as if she was enjoying the power she had.

“I need you to fill these papers out.”
“I’m sorry, but what is the point of scheduling an appointment at 10:30 if I won’t be seen, what at this point seems to be, until 3:00.”
“As before, don’t worry about the back of this page.  We’ll fill that out after you see the doctor.”

“If I ever see the doctor”, he said as he took the clipboard back to his seat feeling defeated.  He took out his phone to check to see if it was still Monday.

“Please no cell phones.”

He looked up and saw her pointing to a sign that said, “Please, No Cell Phones”.  It was the only polite thing they have said.  He looked around at everyone looking at him.  He knew they were thinking, “Who does he think he is?  Didn’t he see the sign?”  He couldn’t wait to get out of there.

He put the phone back into his pocket.  Just as he did it went off.

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at him again.  He felt like Frakenstein as he grabbed his phone from his pocket.

He was curious because this ring tone was not one he was familiar with.  He just bought the phone yesterday so he knew the tones he had set yesterday and this was not one of them.  When he looked at the screen is just read “3”.  It wasn’t a text message or an email.  It was a call but it wasn’t from a phone number.

“Can you please turn off your cell phone?”

“I’m sorry, I just got it yesterday and I am not sure…”

The woman sitting next to him grabbed the phone and pushed a button on the side.

“You just need to push that button right there and it will silence it dear.”

He looked over at her and was sure no one was sitting next to him when he sat down.  As he looked around no one else seemed to have the same quizzical stare as he had.  They just seemed angry at him for not following the rules of the sign.

“Thank you.  I’m sorry.”

“You’re welcome dear.”  She leaned over closer to him and whispered, “You might want to go in the hallway and call the number back.”

“I’m sorry?” He was confused at her suggestion.  Why was she telling him to call it back?  Did she know something.  He began to feel uneasy in this situation and wanted to get up and leave altogether, but there was part of him that believed her.  He couldn’t explain it.  She looked in his eyes without blinking and without saying another word he stood up and walked to the door.  She never took her eyes of him and even though he never turned back around he knew she was watching him.

When he opened the door he found the hallway to be empty.  He took the phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen.  He hit his call button to reveal the 3 on the screen.  His thumb hovered over the talk button for a moment.  The hesitation wasn’t because of uncertainty or fear.  It was because of familiarity.  He felt like he had lived in this moment before and he knew who was on the other side of this number.

His thumb pressed the green talk button.  As he put the phone to his ear there was no dial tone.


Stephen looked at his phone and saw no minutes ticking to show how long they had been talking. It just showed “3”.


“I don’t have much time.  I need to tell you something about your life.  I need to tell you what is going to happen.”

“Who is this?”

“I’m not going to answer that because that is not the question you will want to ask.  Listen to me carefully.  In three months you are going to get a job at the McEnroy Firm.  You will meet a partner there.  She will be married and her kid will be in college.  You will have an affair with her.”

“Stop.  Why are telling me this?”

“Because you need to do something.”

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