White Crayon Becomes Obsolete

18 10 2012

Recent events have led no one to believe that white crayons are relevant.  In a random study where no one was involved the white crayon was observed to be the sharpest crayon in the box.  Someone who wasn’t involved with the study claims, “What’s the point of a white crayon?  There are so many colors to use that white is never an option.  You can’t even see it when you draw.  This should have been done long ago”.

Some people are not happy about the obsolete nature of the crayon.  “What if I’m trying to draw on Black construction paper?  I can’t use a black crayon.  When will it stop?”  That’s a good question.  When will it stop.

Someone familiar with crayons states, “There’s a white crayon?  I thought tan was a useless color.  I guess I was wrong”.  We went around and found someone else who was more familiar with crayons and they told us, “This is just like Pluto.  Not a planet?  Hmm.  I’m sure that the white crayon will be missed when it gone from the world.”

It will be missed.




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