Horn Enhancement Popular Among Teenage Ponies

8 10 2012

A disturbing trend is growing in the younger generation of horses.  Horn enhancement is all but a reality in this fantastical story.  Ponies are lining up to get horn implants giving them the appearance of a seductive unicorn.  It seems that popular culture would suggest Unicorns are more attractive than Ponies.  Mother and Fathers alike blame “My Little Pony” and Rainbows.

“‘My Little Pony’ has exploited the sexuality of Unicorns giving our children the wrong impression of beauty.  Rainbows are partly to blame to,” states a concern horse.

Titay, a former plain pony, suggests that horn enhancements is a self expression.

“Without it I’m not who I am.  My mom got a tattoo on her hind when ‘My Little Pony’ came out.  It’s the same thing, just with horns.”

No laws are being considered by the Steed party for fear of the ponies going underground.  A spokeshorse from the Stablehouse states:

“At this time we will not consider any laws to prevent this new trend of horn enhancement.  We feel by doing so will only encourage the ponies to go underground making it more risky.”

“I’m hoping this trend will end soon.  We are horses and we should be proud of who we are.  No more of this unicorn nonsense,” continues the concerned steed even though I was walking away to get my Triple Cappuccino.




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