Snow prefer Shovels over Snow Throwers, a study suggest

13 03 2012

A study conducted by mere observation and hypothetical conversations with snowflakes suggest that snow prefer shovels to snow throwers 10 to 1.  “It’s a massacre” claimed one snowflake.  “What ever happened to a gentle push of a shovel to the side”.  Some snowflakes went as far to protest this killing of precious snowflakes.  They couldn’t be heard, however, due to their size and the fact they are snowflakes.

This doesn’t mean that humans haven’t heard.  Well not literally anyway.  The Save the Snowflake petition is kicking off with a 5K run/walk/sleep event.  Snow has been cleared from the streets to allow such an event to happen.  “This is going to be one of the biggest Snowflake 5K events in human history” is what I think the bearded man said.  I couldn’t really hear him over the noises of the snow throwers in the background.

Snowflakes will continue to be terrorized until a reputable University conducts a more thorough realistic survey.  Until then, love thy neighbor and thy snowflakes.




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