Webster to Update Luck in the Dictionary

21 01 2012

An unofficial spokesperson from Webster Dictionary announced at some point in time that the word “Luck” was being updated to “Andrew Luck”.  People have already began to exclaim their excitement in the upgrade of a overrated four letter word.

“Luck was boring.  Overused and misused it has lost it’s meaning.  This change just reminds us that we all have something to believe in again.  I already feel my andrew luck growing,” says one man in a disclosed location.

Not everyone is pleased with the change, however.  A protest has been scheduled to be held in a woman’s basement where it will then be aired on the internet which is forecasted to get 1,213 views on YouTube, including friends and family and potential mockers.

“This change shows that Webster can still have an impact on society.  We are not just your grandfathers edition that sat on a bookshelf and was only used as a seat prop for the toddlers at Thanksgiving dinner.  We are still a force to reckon with.” states the unofficial spokesperson from Merriam-Webster.  “We believe all other dictionaries will follow suit and soon after – society.” continues the unofficial spokesperson even after I asked them to stop talking.

In the midst of a global downturn where people are at an all time low in all sorts of topics, this change to such an iconic word should have some positive effect on some of these topics.  It seems that there is always a silver lining to black clouds and we have found ours.  We should consider ourselves andrewy lucky.




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