Chapter Six

19 12 2011

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There are rules everywhere you go:  School, Work, Church, Playgrounds, Afterlife.  I have found myself in this situation where nothing else matters except for the life I know.  The life I have been taken away from.  I have been given a chance to go back but there are rules.   

She was hesistant to speak up.  A hundred times before she would state her mind.  Not let people walk over her.  This behavior is what put her in the position to be considered for Partner.  A real career advancement.  McEnroy was known for their weathly clients and for their persuasion of the market.  She had been here for ten years and has earned the recognition of the hardest woman to work with.  A reputation that has served her well.

She was pregnant.  An unexpected turn of events.  She couldn’t take a leave of absence.  She knew it would derail her for another ten years.  She was less than a month.  Her husband would be ecstatic but she found herself speechless.  No words, just thought of what is to happen.  She looked at her blackberry and realized she was going to be late for a meeting.  She awkwardly thanked her doctor and left. 

The ride back to the office was one she would re-live in her head over and over again.  Her choice.  Bringing a life into her world was not  a decision she wanted to make right now.  What were her priorities.  She was barely thirty, successful in everything she had done, moving up quicker than anyone that surrounded her.  She couldn’t stop.  Not now.  It’s not being selfish, just realistic. 

It seemed quieter than normal in the office.  The air was thicker, the floor was harder.  When she got back to her desk she saw a yellow post it note stuck to her computer.  “Come See Me – RP”.  Her boss was inviting her into a conversation she anticipated since her interview last week.  She felt she was right for it because she was the smartest and she was a woman.  A few months ago the agency got dinged in the Journal for not being diverse enough on the leadership team.  This was their chance to change this perception.

Her bosses door was closed.  When she knocked he responded with the instinctual “Come in”.  The doorknob was colder and the door was heavier. 

“Have a seat.  Hope things are well.”

“Of course.  Just anticipating the next words out of your mouth.”

“Well, we discussed what is best for this agency and where we need to be heading.  As you know we have received some criticism for our decisions.  However, we feel that we would have came to the same concensus regardless of what published in a newspaper.  Congratulations Parker.  We think you will be a great addition to the team.”

“Thank you Roger.  You won’t regret this.”

“Well, let’s get something straight here.  You are the youngest partner we have promoted.  While your tenure has been impressive you have a lot to prove.  I’m not trying to put anymore pressure on you but know that you will be scrutinized not just by our executives but by your peers and reports.  Consider yourself with a target on your back from this day forward.”

“I will. ”

“We would not have put you in this position if we did not think you could handle it.  I’m not saying you have to work twice as hard but I am saying you have twice as many people to prove wrong.  Are you sure you are up to it?”

A moments pause to recounter the drive over from the hospital, the conversation in her head about decisions.  She was being forced to choose now.

“I am sure.  I will prove all my doubters wrong.”

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